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Favorite Vintage Gown - Wearable ART

Gorgeous Printed Silk Gorgeous Printed Silk[/caption] After watching the Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet last night, I decided to look at all my vintage gowns. I don't get to wear them very I figured, why not feature my favorites. This is one of my favorite vintage finds. I love this 60s dress. The bodice fits like a glove and the graphic and beautiful art on the skirt is even better in person. In this picture the waist is accentuated by a beautiful sapphire brooch. I think for this...

Putting It Together...Mod Update

20121226-195514.jpg It's one thing one thing to purchase vintage clothing...but how the heck do you incorporate it into your wardrobe without looking like you are wearing a "costume"? A little bit of mix and match goes a long way...especially when vintage is mixed with modern accessories and shoes. I've shared a classic example here. LOOK 1. Vintage mod dress + Jimmy Choo knee-high boots in camel + vintage off-white ostrich leather purse. LOOK 2. Vintage mod dress + vintage suede ankle boots + black tights

1930's Find


I love EVERYTHING about it. I love the material (crepe), I love the color (coral), I love the flowing skirt (cut on the bias), and the details (gold studs).

The dress sits on your body and hugs you in just the right places and accentuates the bodice.  Most of all, I love the way I...

Hello Vintage Connoisseurs!


LOVE vintage fashion...there isn't one particular thing I can point to...I love EVERYTHING about ALL things vintage.  Sadly, I don't have a big enough closet to hold all my purchases and my husband is starting to notice that his side of the closet is being taken over by my clothing. What's a girl to do... I decided to find another outlet for my appreciation for vintage clothing by blogging and sharing photos of some of my pieces as well as unique pieces...