About Me

I love vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. Oh wait...I also love antiques...it doesn't matter the era, I love the soul and elegance of older pieces. The tailoring and attention to detail on vintage clothing are what we pay hundreds of dollars for in today's designer clothing. I love the hunt and the find...especially when you find a diamond in the rough - like my Caroline Herrera dress I found for $40. I am a wife and mother of two beautiful children. My husband appreciates my style and loves my fashion sense...he would just prefer that we have the closet space for my addiction. When it comes to furniture, I love the unique and elegant way a things were put together. Just like vintage clothing, a piece of antique furniture or accessory gives a certain life and feel to a room. It transforms that room into a more interesting and inviting place to be. My friends love my clothing and sense of style and constantly ask me how to use vintage pieces in their wardrobe and to complement their lifestyle. Well, I've decided to create a blog to answer all those questions and to offer suggestions along the way. Come along with me on my journey!! Let's have some fun together.