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There are a few women whose fashion sense and style I have always admired and emulated.  Katherine Hepburn is one of them. Maybe it was her very dry wit and ballsy "I dare you to challenge me" attitude that made her  fashion choices so fantastic. Whatever it was, is...I LOVE IT!!

Long before Annie Hall made it "ok" to wear men's tailoring, Katherine Hepburn was making the look an everyday part of her wardrobe. It was as if her personal wardrobe reflected her strong, assertive and outspoken personality. It is all those things and more that makes me love her.

Yet, in spite of her love and comfort for wearing tailored clothing and slacks, Katherine had the grace and lines to exude pure elegance and feminism. The way she carried herself in gowns and dresses always made a quietly strong statement about her confidence and beauty.

One of my favorite Katherine Hepburn movies is "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." I love, love, love her wardrobe and style in the film. The colorful and tailored tunics with the chic hats paired with Katherine's attitude is just plain fabulous.

Who are your favorite style icons...because there is absolutely no way you can just have one.

Come back soon, Peace, Love and Vintage.

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  • I love Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner! I really need to think more about my style icons. I’ve always loved Ava Gardner, and also Ali MacGraw in Love Story. It’s not stereotypical 70s (no flowers or hippie pants to be seen), just classic, gorgeous clothes.

    • erikaheidewald