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Hello There...I'm BACK!!

Oh My, Oh My...where do I start? It's been a looonnnng hiatus from my blog and I missed it terribly.  Life seriously got in the way...but I am happy to say that I am definitely now able to make a better contribution to my vintage blog. For all my friends and bloggers who were following me...thank you for being so patient. So today, there is no particular post, but a big thank you for your patience. Love, Peace and Vintage.

Favorite Vintage Gown - Wearable ART

Gorgeous Printed Silk Gorgeous Printed Silk[/caption] After watching the Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet last night, I decided to look at all my vintage gowns. I don't get to wear them very I figured, why not feature my favorites. This is one of my favorite vintage finds. I love this 60s dress. The bodice fits like a glove and the graphic and beautiful art on the skirt is even better in person. In this picture the waist is accentuated by a beautiful sapphire brooch. I think for this...

Vintage Gowns - Polka Dots


Continuing my appreciation of beautiful vintage gowns...this polka dot number in a sheer fabric is fantastic!! I love the play of small and large dots with the pleated neckline and hems. The feature I love the most is the color. I love that the dress is brown with white spots instead of the expected black and white.

Does Vintage Fur Earn A Pass?

On Christmas Day in Dallas, we had snow and the temperatures went below freezing. The following days had temperatures in the 20s and 30s. In Dallas, that means its time to pull out the fur coat...even if you will have a few hours of the year to wear it. There were fur coats everywhere...and in a time where animal rights groups advocate banning fur, I couldn't help wondering...what about the coats that were made decades ago? Do we give those furs a pass?? Vintage stores are filled with fur coats (real and faux), in all colors and shapes...and the prices...

Finding a Bit of History


You never know what you'll find in a vintage store!!!