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Repurposing Vintage


Vintage Cigarette Case as Business Card Holder Have you ever wondered what to do with all the cigarette cases that no-one uses anymore? Are you tired of the beautiful but impractical business card cases that can't hold more than 10 business cards at at time? (OMG...I sound like I'm doing an infomercial!)

20130108-012848.jpg Well...I got tired of the beautiful but useless business card holders. I found the perfect solution for both issues. Using a vintage cigarette case to hold my...

Painting the Piano

20121227-220956.jpg A member of my preschool group sent an email looking for someone who could paint her upright piano in a fun color...and it got me thinking about painted pianos and how they can liven up a room. If you have that piano you love but it looks dated...why don't you take the plunge and paint it a fun color. If you don't have a piano, but would like an inexpensive one that you can experiment with...try a thrift store or antique shop. Chances are you can find one for as little as $50....

Uhhmm...a unique take on the tux

20121227-002500.jpg Many men abhor the "penguin suit" and would prefer to not look like everyone else. The general way to stand out is to use the proverbial bow tie and cumber-band...and unless the color and pattern are truly unique...there is not much difference. We have a solution for the truly fashion forward and confident man. Purchase a vintage tux. Chances are they're beautifully tailored and one of a kind. This tux at Gratitude Vintage does just that.


Wearing Vintage

Caftan Queen I wore this caftan at Jamaica's Styleweek. (I look really tired here...yikes!!) I wore vintage clothing all week. I love the colors in this caftan, and although Jamaica has a warm climate, the dark color did not affect me because the material was incredibly light and airy.