Painting the Piano

20121227-220956.jpg A member of my preschool group sent an email looking for someone who could paint her upright piano in a fun color...and it got me thinking about painted pianos and how they can liven up a room. If you have that piano you love but it looks dated...why don't you take the plunge and paint it a fun color. If you don't have a piano, but would like an inexpensive one that you can experiment with...try a thrift store or antique shop. Chances are you can find one for as little as $50. (Citysquare Thrift Store usually has two or more in stock.) Here are a few fun pictures of painted pianos. 20121227-221032.jpg 20121227-221137.jpg 20121227-221207.jpg 20121227-221254.jpg 20121227-221352.jpg

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  • I want to thank you for posting the first piano. The artist chose not to be merely decorative or obvious. He did chose to convey the cyclical, repetitive scales of Western music and of the mechanics of the piano. The waves convey the physics of music. Yet the entire creation whispers with the classic traditions of pianos and artistic music, rather than abrogating it.
    Where did you locate the photo? Any idea of who the artist is?
    I was just commissioned to paint a park bench, for an outdoor piano festival at the Jerusalem Symphony Hall. Your post got my gears of thought turning and grinding. Thanks!

    • Chanan Mazal