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Fall is HERE!!

A simple and chic way to have a vintage feel for fall

A simple and chic way to have a vintage feel for fall

Burlap and Shimmer Ribboned Wreath

With the rains...somehow it seems that in a matter of a couple of days the leaves have started to change.  So it was time to pull out the decorations. The only problem was that my wreath was so faded you could barely see...

Painting the Piano

20121227-220956.jpg A member of my preschool group sent an email looking for someone who could paint her upright piano in a fun color...and it got me thinking about painted pianos and how they can liven up a room. If you have that piano you love but it looks dated...why don't you take the plunge and paint it a fun color. If you don't have a piano, but would like an inexpensive one that you can experiment with...try a thrift store or antique shop. Chances are you can find one for as little as $50....

Retro Accessories for the Kitchen - Part II

[caption id="attachment_252" align="alignnone" width="574"] Colorful Vintage China[/caption] Remember a few weeks ago, we featured vintage accessories for the kitchen? Well, I'm making good on my promise and sharing some more of my finds. So far, I've only focused on Gratitude Vintage...the store has soooo many fun accessories. Today, however, the focus is on their china. I love how Kent and Kyle (the owners) organized the china by colors. They have already helped any homeowner to visualize...

Retro Accessories for the Kitchen

[caption id="attachment_177" align="aligncenter" width="491"] In my kitchen, a perfectly functional 1960s-1970s Rotary Dial Wall Phone from[/caption] I love to see a home with pops of vintage items that make a real functional statement.  I was reading my HGTV magazine one night when I saw a picture of a featured kitchen.  With all the beautiful cabinets, counters and floors...the thing that caught my eye was an old telephone in orange that the owner was using in the picture. [caption id="attachment_175" align="aligncenter"...

A Blend of Modern and Vintage.

[caption id="attachment_122" align="aligncenter" width="640"] About Face Studio[/caption] Remember the black and white silhouettes of old? They are now available in a more modern look. I met Allyson Hall...the owner of About Face Studios over a cup of coffee at Starbucks and I LOVE her silhouette portraitures. I especially love the ones that are housed in the more ornate frames. They add a great mix of modern and vintage for any decor. Check out her website.