Retro Accessories for the Kitchen - Part II

[caption id="attachment_252" align="alignnone" width="574"] Colorful Vintage China[/caption] Remember a few weeks ago, we featured vintage accessories for the kitchen? Well, I'm making good on my promise and sharing some more of my finds. So far, I've only focused on Gratitude Vintage...the store has soooo many fun accessories. Today, however, the focus is on their china. I love how Kent and Kyle (the owners) organized the china by colors. They have already helped any homeowner to visualize how the pieces can work together or work with their decor. If your kitchen in neutral colors (i.e. white) like mine is, then colorful china like these can make a HUGE impact in the room. I am especially in love with the different colored mixing bowls at the top. Doesn't it must make you want to bake something???

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