Winter Gloves

I am always anxious for it to get cold enough to require wearing gloves...and it's finally cold enough in Texas to wear them. But I'm not talking about any old glove. I am talking about vintage gloves. I love vintage gloves and I own quite a few. [caption id="attachment_380" align="aligncenter" width="448"] Dark Brown Leather Gloves Dark Brown Leather Gloves[/caption] I have all lengths...from driving gloves to opera length. [caption id="attachment_381" align="aligncenter" width="448"] Cream Opera length Cream Opera Length[/caption] I especially love the simple... [caption id="attachment_382" align="aligncenter" width="448"] White Leather with Brown Stiching White Leather with Brown Stiching[/caption] and sometimes elaborate details that make each glove unique. [caption id="attachment_383" align="aligncenter" width="436"] White Leather Kid Gloves Embroidered White Leather Kid Gloves[/caption] I love the way the fingers are tapered to make the female hand look even more feminine. [caption id="attachment_384" align="aligncenter" width="448"] Black Leather Kid Gloves Black Leather Kid Gloves[/caption] One caution about vintage gloves...most of them are leather and haven't been worn in decades. So, make sure that they are not dry rotted and will be able to stretch back to normal size. HAPPY HUNTING. Love 'n Vintage

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