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Uhhmm...a unique take on the tux

20121227-002500.jpg Many men abhor the "penguin suit" and would prefer to not look like everyone else. The general way to stand out is to use the proverbial bow tie and cumber-band...and unless the color and pattern are truly unique...there is not much difference. We have a solution for the truly fashion forward and confident man. Purchase a vintage tux. Chances are they're beautifully tailored and one of a kind. This tux at Gratitude Vintage does just that.

Vintage Ralph Lauren

I LOVE RALPH LAUREN! I actively look for his vintage pieces on Ebay, especially his tailored suits. Now, I have the opportunity to findĀ  his handpicked choices all in one spot.

Ralph Lauren has created his own online vintage store. As expected, the pieces are exquisite americana and they are indeed beautiful. The pieces bring an appreciation and focus for handcrafted knits and lush earthiness. My personal favorite is the American Flag sweater. (too bad they were...

Cuff Bling.

I love a man in a suit!! I especially love a man in a tailored shirt with french cuffs...because right at the wrist will be that little bit of metal that gives you some insight about the person wearing them.

Did he pick it out himself?... he went to THAT university! I can tell his wife bought him THAT one... Hmmm...really?!?!

Of course...I've found some of the most unique, colorful and interesting cufflinks in vintage stores.