Cuff Bling.

I love a man in a suit!! I especially love a man in a tailored shirt with french cuffs...because right at the wrist will be that little bit of metal that gives you some insight about the person wearing them.

Did he pick it out himself?... he went to THAT university! I can tell his wife bought him THAT one... Hmmm...really?!?!

Of course...I've found some of the most unique, colorful and interesting cufflinks in vintage stores.

So...that's what he does for a living...

Although these are colorful, they are still very masculine.

The man who loves color and is not afraid to wear it will appreciate these.

These will work perfectly for a the woman who loves the tailored look. They are smaller and the curved lines make them more feminine.

Wonder what the "T" stands for?!?!

If you want to give your spouse or father a unique Christmas gift, go find a vintage store near you and I promise you'll find a beautiful pair of cufflinks.

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