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Does Vintage Fur Earn A Pass?

On Christmas Day in Dallas, we had snow and the temperatures went below freezing. The following days had temperatures in the 20s and 30s. In Dallas, that means its time to pull out the fur coat...even if you will have a few hours of the year to wear it. There were fur coats everywhere...and in a time where animal rights groups advocate banning fur, I couldn't help wondering...what about the coats that were made decades ago? Do we give those furs a pass?? Vintage stores are filled with fur coats (real and faux), in all colors and shapes...and the prices...

Wearing Vintage

20121227-004018.jpg We were hosting a Christmas get-together and I was running late as usual. I grabbed one of my trusty vintage leisure pants, paired it with my Gap tank and threw a Ann Taylor cardigan on top. I love the mixture of the different patterns with the common orangey coral color in the pant and cardigan. I was so comfortable all evening. *photo courtesy of my Mother-in-law

Putting It Together...Simple Elegance

20121231-152917.jpg A classic vintage grey sheath paired with red Manolo Blahnik Mary-Janes. Perfection!!

Capes...a Winter Wear Alternative

20121231-143704.jpg Not everyone likes the confined feeling of a winter coat. Especially when you need to hide the extra pounds you gained from holiday revelry, it's the perfect cover-up.

20121231-150223.jpg How about one that offers serious drama with beautiful color.

20121231-150547.jpg If you're all about classic elegant fur...this one works!!! See how others are wearing their capes. Here are a few more beauties to check out.

WHAT is Vintage???? Seriously!!!

[caption id="attachment_424" align="aligncenter" width="405"] Vintage Blouse Vintage Blouse[/caption] Is it old clothes? Is it thrift store finds? Is it second-hand clothing? Yes, Yes, Yes...but that is not the only thing that defines vintage. Vintage is really defined by the years or era. Here is a little information for you. Antique clothing: This is any piece of clothing before the 1920s. Vintage: This is clothing that was made after 1920 but before the 1980s. However, the most important thing to remember about vintage clothing  is..." any clothing that is less...