Dressing for Winter

Image It's about to get colder...and who wants to wear a bulky coat just to keep warm? Not me...and I'm betting most women don't either. I'll let you in on a little secret...if you want to find coats that are stylish and feminine...go vintage. The coat is very tailored and has to be worn over clothing that is not bulky. Wear this coat over a sheath, or over a turtleneck and pencil skirt or even a tailored shirt and slacks. If you are the adventurous type and you are not afraid of color, pair the coat with a turtleneck and slacks in a bright color. Of course, your choice of shoes would depend on your basic wardrobe under the coat. This wool coat is a perfect example of some of the most extraordinary and beautiful pieces you can find out there. Visit a vintage store and have fun looking through the racks. Finding a beauty like this one won't be hard.

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  • Thanks so much. I LOVE VINTAGE!! I am perusing your blog and it’s really great.

    • Vintage Socialite
  • This is absolutely gorgeous! Love it! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, fellow vintage lover. :-)

    • Vintage Living Magazine